Many times people encounter a common question that is it hard to find the right web developer? The answer to this is yes, a part of it is a tough nut to break. The web development world is full of unlicensed practitioners who have a different set of skills and price lists. When an individual begins headhunting for a hiring dedicated web developer, or website agency, for  web development solutions , a lot of things have to be checked for and it is quite intimidating.

But it isn’t necessary that a developer with the deepest knowledge should be the right fit. Although the prime job requirement for a developer is to sit in front of the computer & code, it isn’t about exemplary coding skills every time. There’ve been conditions when the web development mavens have crumbled to deadline failure and lost feedback. On the other hand, the right fit has been the most productive element and bagging laurels.

Every company or individual that hires a web developer should check beyond the coding skills. Before you hire a web developer, just go through the list of some traits, along with the right way of identifying them that we’ve defined below. It will surely help you out to rope in the right talent that values your investment.

Top Traits of an Excellent Web Developer

To be unbeatable in a particular field, you must possess the desired skill set to conquer. For example, the focus is apposite for an archer to succeed. Rest everything is secondary. However, things are the opposite for a developer. A dedicated developer should be like a good parent who is resilient, ethical, caring, expressive, and emotionally stable.

Firstly, no developer talks about, “Hey, what kind of build is your requirement?” Those days were buried deep in the earth long back. However, some still follow the old-school criteria which are not respectful. A responsible developer is client-oriented and emphasizes the goals underlying. He/she should understand how to counter possible glitches that you might not have considered previously. Suggesting beneficial measures for the long run should be his/her preference too! How to check all this?

This might sound odd and humiliate the developer too, however, it holds importance because you’re investing resources. Web developers should be smooth with coding languages like JavaScript, PHP, HTML, CSS, etc., and knows to resolve to troubleshoot hosts. If your project requires to be created under the languages mentioned above and the developer isn’t familiar with it, you’re likely to waste everything. You can check for the developer’s expertise like mentioned below:

This solely depends on practical experience in the industry. More the experience, the better results you can yield from the developer. He/she should have some common sense for executing the work rightly like using WordPress for a blog site instead of a code language, excluding CMS for perplexing standalone websites, and more. Checking if the developer knows how to work is a must. You can do it as follows:

Apart from the  web design principles , there are different requirements for a website or application. For the same, it is essential to maintain transparency with the developer. A responsible developer would automatically understand the requirements like whether some content is required or not, marketing, and more. The developer might get additional assistance by outsourcing. All in all, you just need to have assurance if the developer or website development solution providing company has strong subcontracting. This is how you test it:

The developer you turn to should be professional and his/her professionalism should reflect in the work. Moreover, he/she should be punctual and deliver the work on time. Just don’t get snowed in sweet-talking. As mentioned previously, many unlicensed developers are also operating in the world. You need to be extra cautious with a developer that tries to flatter. After all, it’s business and no professional website developer focuses on weaving honey thread to entangle clients. You can check it as follows:

Final Words

So, the summed-up points above state how a professional web developer should be. Having the deepest ocean of coding knowledge isn’t the key, but the exposure to the domain, professional code of conduct, and knowing the art of smart work fetch laurels. While hiring a web developer or website development agency, people should consider every point stated above to understand what kind of developer they’ll be handing over the project.


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