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Linux Hosting : To Back Your Website With A Rock-Solid Platform

Linux Hosting offers you an amazing LAMP server comprising of Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP/Python/Perl to host your website and power it with popular open-source development tools. You can host your website made using development tools like WordPress, Dreamweaver, CGI, etc. With Linux web hosting, you get unparalleled speed, flexibility, security, and scalability to take your website to the next level. WPS INDIA, a top Linux hosting company , offers the most advanced Linux hosting services and solutions to meet your business needs. We are equipped with state-of-the-art Linux hosting servers that minimize any downtime and ensure supreme performance.

Futures Of Our Linux Hosting Services

Some of the features incorporated in our LINUX Hosting services are mentioned below.


Full FTP Access 


Live 24x7x365 customer support


myCP Control Panel


Monthly Backup of Files &  Database


FrontPage Ext. Support


Shared IP


Anti-Virus & Anti-Spam Protection


Unlimited email forwarding


Unlimited distribution lists

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Advantages Of Linux Web Hosting

Open Source

The open-source platform of LINUX is backed by a thriving community support of many programmers and developers that modify, enhance, and distribute the services to the public. There is a strong community of worldwide developers that work continually to enhance Linux’s functionality and fix the potential bugs. This makes companies pick LINUX, and also attracts some of the most experienced developers in the industry to contribute to LINUX development.


The unparalleled flexibility and scalability that LINUX platform offers make it a company’s absolute favorite. Licensed under the GNU or General Public License, Linux and its various distributions like Ubuntu, SUS Linux, Red Hat are extremely easy to modify and update. It can host a variety of websites like E-commerce websites, Blog websites, Business websites, utility websites, travel Websites, etc.


Linux wins an edge over the much-loved windows hosting as far as the cost needed is concerned. Also, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and many other CMSs run on LINUX. The low-cost hosting with inexpensive licensing attracts many new marketers and small scale entrepreneurs to begin their business at relative cost with LINUX. This is perhaps the biggest reasons why LINUX managed to top the web hosting industry in a short span of time with ease.

Security & Reliability

A secure hosting server became a vital need since major tech brands experienced online hacking or theft in past. If we talk about windows and Linux, the debate regarding the security has already been far stretched among the Linux and windows supporters. A large share of people using LINUX confidently proclaims that the platform offers high security on web. As far as the reliability is concerned, Linux outguns other web hosting servers effectively, with its easy and secure software fixes, maintenance, and upgrade.

Speed & Simplicity

The ease of use, and fast processing make LINUX “the favorite” of the industry giants situated worldwide. The platform meets all basic web hosting needs of the companies, but, LINUX’s functionality and performance could be further enhanced by installing Perl script, MySQL, AND, PHP, etc. Linux has always been known for providing better performance, and is capable of simultaneously handling higher amount of processing on the web with ease.

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Fast and reliable Linux web hosting servers.

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