Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Package

Get Bucketloads of Traffic with a Pay Per Click

Getting Your Business Website on The First Page of Google
is a Crucial Part of Growing Your Business.

Keywords Research and Bid Management
Account Setup
Conversion Tracking
Conversion Optimization
A/B Ads Testing 
Google Ad Extension 
Quality Score Optimization
Mobile / Tablet Ad Optimization 
Mobile Website Call Tracking
Strategic bid management 
PPC account settings monitoring (Ex. Geotargeting) 
PPC ROI reporting
Text Ads
Image Ads410
Video Ads
Placement Sites Targeting 
Remarketing Ad 
Google Sponsored Promotions
Topic Targeting 
Google Analytic Account
Website Funnel Tracking 
Website Site Speed Report
Landing Page Optimization
Multivariate Testing / A/B Testing (PPC Page)
Weekly Report 
Monthly Report
Email Support 
Phone Support
Chat Support

Note: Under any PPC Package our web services and solutions are available for a period of six months.

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