Flipbook Services: To Promote Your Business In The E-World

A cost-effective promotional tool, Flipbook meets and exceeds the ever-advancing expectations of the growing online user-base. The real-life page-turning effect, combined with the flipping sound of the turning pages, makes a flipbook a much effective medium to tell your brand’s story online. wpsind.com excels in designing attractive and engaging flipbooks that offer all the essential details with full clarity. The flipbooks that we design have the realistic page-turning effect and are responsive to be viewed on any device.

Unique Features of Our Flipbooks

The flipbook developers at WPS INDIA display high expertise in creating Flipbooks for reciting the brand story, product catalog, and services. The Flipbooks that we deliver are laced with numerous features that make them stand out in the online ecosystem.

Multiple Zoom-ins

Page Turn Effect

Quick Social Sharing

Search Functionality

SEO Friendly

All Device Compatibility

Quick Navigation To Any Page

Full-Clarity On Zooming

Why Go For Flipbook?

Green & Eco-Friendly

Handling out the printed brochures is not just expensive but also harmful for the environment. Flipbooks are a greener alternative to these brochures as they do not require any ink or paper for printing.

Quick To Load

Flipbooks are lighter in size and can be quickly loaded on any device. They do not take time in loading and do not make the user wait or get annoyed.

Adaptive To All Screen Size

Whether you are using a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, iPad or any other device, flipbooks can easily adapt to any screen size to allow clear viewing of the text on them.

Full-Screen Display

The flipbooks are a means to ease the viewing experience of the user. These flipbooks automatically are loaded in the full-screen display to allow the easy viewing of text on it.

Quick Navigation

Not only are these flipbooks easy to load and read but they are also very easy to use for the readers. They can quickly jump and navigate to any specific page that you want in the e-book.

Text Search

Using the search functionality offered on the flipbooks, one can easily find the desired text on the flipbook and quickly jump to the page where it is used and highlighted.

Responsive To Mobile

With majority of users shifting to mobile phones for accessing all the information online, a flipbook offers mobile responsiveness that allows the mobile users to access them anytime and anywhere on their mobile phones.

Access Anywhere

One of the biggest benefits of using a flipbook for any promotional activity is that these e-books can be accessed anywhere and anytime via a mobile phone, tablet, laptops, iPads, or desktop computers.

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We accept all types & sizes of files for Flipbook creation


Delivery of the flipbook in the shortest time


Over 10+ years of experience in providing web services


We offer a complete analysis of your flipbook performance online


Flipbooks designed for use as brochures, e-books, and e-journals


Cost-effective and eco-friendly flipbook creation


You get complete access to the account information for further editing

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