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In a world where internet is playing a crucial role in connecting job seekers with their dream job and employers/recruiters with the ideal candidates, launching a placement portal can be a wise decision. With Jobs@Wpsind, you can quickly launch your own placement or recruitment marketplace to attract employers, job seekers, recruiters, etc. The placement portals come with built-in functionalities that enable the management of candidate database, job or resume posting, managing interview schedules, etc.

Jobs@Wpsind – Loaded With Features for Job Sites

Benefits That Make Jobs@Wpsind More Powerful 

Why Choose Job Portal Development @Wpsind?

Benefits That Make Jobs@Wpsind More Powerful 

In-built Functionalities

The placement portals we create are laced with numerous in-built functionalities for managing candidates, applications, jobs, interviews, etc.

Advanced Filters

The portals come with advanced filters to make it quick and easy for job seekers & recruiters to find the right jobs & ideal candidates respectively.

Analysis Reports

Get complete analysis and report of the applications, jobs, candidate performance, etc., that are received through different sources.

User-Friendly Dashboard for Online Job Sites

With Jobs@Wpsind, you can a dashboard that is very easy and friendly to operate. The recruiters can easily navigate through job postings, applications, etc.

Easy Scheduling

Scheduling interviews or appointment becomes easier as it offers complete list of rejected, accepted, upcoming, pending, and completed interviews/appointments.

Jobs@Wpsind: Successfully Launched Placement Portals!

For all those planning to launch their online recruitment marketplace, Jobs@Wpsind has the perfect solution.

Jobseeker Section

Jobseeker Section

Jobseeker Section

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Jobs@Wpsind: Packages For You

Packages Tailored To Meet Individual Requirements 

Wpsind Basic

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$US 1999

Pay $666 now, rest in two milestones

Wpsind  Premium

Custom Design

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Easy Payments, Pay on Milestones

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Included In Packages:

Complimentary With All Packages

Services You Get At ZERO Cost

Complete Technical Support

With Jobs@Wpsind, you get complete technical support by experts to ensure your placement portal works seamlessly.

Lifetime License

Get complete ownership, documentation, and other licenses required for running the portal at zero cost.

Transparent Work Progress

Added transparency is what you can expect from us with our dedicated project management system.

Free Email Notifications

Whether the admin, a recruiter or a job seeker, all those connected with the product would be notified via emails.

Management Control

While admin gets complete control of each feature, recruiters and seekers also get to manage their job postings and requirements respectively.

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