So, we have website designing companies all over the world, professional designers exploiting themselves for the best outcome, amazing website design trends, themes, and whatnot. Today, your business can easily get a corporate website design and make you a digitally active entity. If you’re a corporate world tycoon, you’d be doing the same but on a bigger budget and extensive reach.

Regardless of the industry and business level (small scale/large scale), more than 93% of the businesses, worldwide, now have a website with different features and some plug-ins. Talking about India, the numbers have increased in the last decade from 43% to 51% alone in the corporate sector. It means that the 7% annual growth, during the last decade, has been a tremendous success for the web design industry.

But does everything spins around all these numbers? Not at all. Even if the growth rate was more than 7%, things would not have been different. The reason behind it is the design of the website. You might disagree but the reality is harsh. A majority of the corporate web designs in India do not leave an impact. According to experts, a website has merely 10 seconds maximum to leave an impression on the visitor’s mind. Quite less time, eh? If your website content is strong but the design isn’t, it won’t make it in the top results.

This is a common problem faced by many websites across the globe. There are some flaws due to which we are not able to achieve the right  corporate web design . These flaws affect the conversion rate and credibility due to which the success ratio keeps dropping. Even the increased bounce rate is caused due to poor web design. Around 35% of users do not visit the website if they find the design not pleasing. Although a website can NEVER BE PERFECT, it can be optimized to provide a smooth experience. There are several factors in the funnel that can breathe life into a corporate website design. Read on and find out.

Please exclude this for all blog posts and articles. But when we talk about homepages and landing pages, the inclusion of too much text is something that experts discourage. As per the analysis, 2% out of 70 websites that had a lot of text on landing and home pages, didn’t upsurge as expected. It is because only selective people would like in-depth details on the website homepage itself. A major number of websites do not carry this because everything is not best for business. Telling about the company, its services, and products is a must but everything should be done strategically.

Drafting long paragraphs isn’t a crime but people overlook too many briefings. What could be the possible solution then? It’s simple, just bifurcate the long paragraphs wherever suitable. Just remember to commence a new paragraph with fresh information. By doing this, you’ll be able to de-clutter the unwanted information or fillers and get more space for incorporating the CTA button aptly.

To win over a customer, your web design should be crispy yet simple. Easy navigation is a key pillar for every web design and without it, a website loses up to 13% of the annual profit! A visitor shouldn’t get perplexed while navigating the website just to find what he/she wants or just to know what offers/deals are active. If a visitor cannot find it, he/she wouldn’t return. Ignorance of simplified navigation means derailing the conversion rates. Hence, always choose the F pattern for adding the navigation and CTA buttons.

You cannot ignore the strong SEO game for better conversion rates. A website with a high-priority SEO can never fail to occupy space in the top results. With a strong SEO strategy, 93% of the business can upsurge. It includes a well-defined funnel of trigger word selection on the basis of popularity and demography. On an important note, this has to be considered what kind of search words are used and suggested by Google according to the local area. This is a sure-shot solution of optimizing the SEO within 15 minutes. To find out the best suitable keywords, use the keyword finder tool available on the internet.

Many times people put up this question. Initially, no one believed that page loading speed has some connection with web design. But the reality is connected to the  conversion rate and bounce rate. Today, most web designers give their best and conceive laudable websites. The inclusion of multiple graphics, HQ imagery & videos, and media files embellish the website but hamper the loading speed. Sometimes, the server, traffic, and website hosting plan also lay a negative impact on the loading speed. How to get rid of this? Follow these Golden Rules

The Bottom Line

No website design is flawless. It needs to be optimized depending on the choice of requirements of the website. Although no individual would implement sudden changes after going through the write-up, but shifting the gears is essential to move ahead smoothly. No point listed above emanated out of nowhere. Every point is a brief tip by experts in the web design industry and by implementing these tips, any website can be simplified even if it is a decade-old website.


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