or every business website, its landing page is like the “Jewel in the Crown”. It helps in generating leads because they can easily magnetize email addresses for initiating an email campaign. After all, no company can generate revenue just by posting blogs, podcasts, videos, articles, etc., on its website. A landing page should be flawless because they remain fixed at the bottom of the funnel. A small change in the conversion rate can manipulate the annual profit ratio since landing pages, generally, have a higher conversion rate as compared to generic pages. 

A majority of the technical brains assert that typical landing pages convert between 5%-15% and professionally created landing pages shoot up to or more than 30%. Crafting a landing page isn’t a catch-22. But, you need to brainstorm a bit to conceive the best. A good landing page would surely offer more than a visual appeal to the website visitor. But people avoid using optimized landing pages because of 3 prominent reasons:

It’s time to resolve such problems! Peruse on and you’ll find out the whole truth about a landing page and its additional benefits.

The Goal of a Landing Page

The growth of the business by increasing the conversion rates is the sole purpose of a landing page. It can be the website’s homepage or a standalone page for promoting a specific product/service. The reason why a web design company in India would emphasize getting a homepage designed is the richness of keywords. A landing page usually contains more target keywords as compared to generic pages of the website. By firing the right trigger word associated with the website or given top priority, it will redirect the user and show the website in the top results.

Top Benefits- A Quick Look

Apart from the increased conversion rates, there are more benefits and some of them are listed below.

As mentioned previously that landing page is fed more keywords for better search results, it gives a boost to the Google rankings of a website. Paid promotional methods and Google Adwords can be used as well for increasing the rankings.

The landing page focuses on promoting a product or service. By adding some content to the post about the product/service, in the form of a blog post or article and feeding it with apt keywords, it can be promoted easily.

When the landing page is optimized, it becomes a portal for visitors and takes them down the funnel. Instead of stumbling over the CTA, they can easily subscribe/join/sign up.

Creating a Landing Page That Boosts Conversion Rate

Before you buy something, you always ensure its use and requirement, right? Every web design company in India does the same. They understand the crux of the matter instead of blindly following the trend. Once the message/goal is clear, the next move is executed that is related to everything the website would be offering. Finally, the last nail in the coffin is hammered with apt keywords. Next, we’ll peruse the key pillars that contribute to the creation of a flawless landing page

Key Essentials of Creating a Landing Page

A headline that evokes the spark of action is considered flawless else, it is merely a combination of words. The headline should be compelling enough to keep the user engaged, however, it doesn’t mean it should be too fancy. It should be crisp and convey the message clearly. The headline would fetch additional marks if an image is associated with it.

Imagine a face without a chin. Didn’t you feel something in the gut? Anyway, the lack of a subhead is similar to a face without a chin. The only difference would be that a headline without a subhead will not make the gut uneasy. The headline and subhead should be connecting each other. While creating a subhead, it should be kept in mind that it should be persuasive & a bit creative. Moreover, it can define the main headline briefly.

Any landing page remains incomplete without stills. Since the human brain processes image 80 times faster than text, adding imagery on the landing page increases the apprehension capacity of website visitors. While choosing pictures, ensure that they belong to the product/service you provide and clarity. Furthermore, do not add any image with a watermark. That leaves a negative impression. You can include screenshots only when you’re offering software and want to explain its use to make it look less complex.

How To Contact?

Another underdog of every website design is the Contact Us section. For every business website, it is a must to include the contact details on the landing page itself so that reaching them isn’t palaver. Include multiple options like a map, email address, hotline number, or contact us form- whatever is suitable. Even a chatbot feature would be of great help. When contracting is simple, conversion rates increase tremendously.

Strategically Placed CTA

The Call To Action or CTA is a key element that holds major importance in boosting conversion rates. Its main motive is to drive the attention of the visitor because the whole content of the webpage is equivalent to a strategically positioned CTA button. While creating the CTA button, following some rules becomes mandatory like:

With the rightly designed and optimized landing page, a boost in the conversion rate is guaranteed. You just to check what all is missing and should be included to optimize the landing page.


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