“Can somebody tell me how to backup Outlook emails manually?”

I came across this question on Quora while scrolling as I’m an active Quoran. Before answering it, I was keen to know what others have to say. Interestingly, there were many appropriate answers to this question. Hopefully, that person got the right answer to the question. Then I thought to share my answer in this blog rather than jotting it down on Quora.

Method 1

Saving Outlook emails securely can be performed manually. All emails should be exported via the Outlook messaging app to an external drive. Enlisted are the steps for this process.

Method 2

The old school method of retaining the data is always helpful. If you have a lot of confidential data in the Outlook emails sent to clients and customers, simply store them in a hard drive. All email marketing service providers do the same thing for keeping all records safe and handy.

Method 3

By using additional software, you can easily create a manual backup of all your outlook emails. This trend is widely followed by innumerable email marketing service providers worldwide. Since they maintain multiple databases, managing the record becomes a tough task. Thus, they use additional software to help with Outlook email backup.

The Dropbox Add-in is a cloud server. One can easily store or backup Outlook emails. All data will remain secure even if something happens to the computer.

Evernote software allows accessing the email on any device. It allows clipping the email and storing it on the cloud server. It can be accessed by creating a login.

OneNote is Microsoft’s file storage system. It was developed for managing Outlook messages. When the OneNote account is integrated with the Outlook account, the email files can be backed up securely in folders associated with the files.

If you want an add-in recognized by the government for email retention, Tech Hit Message Save is the add-in you should use. It allows storing and backing up Outlook emails in PDF format.

Signing Off

The three methods you perused have their own set of advantages. Email marketing services are consistently evolving and companies offering this service are utilizing better software. This helps them in managing data of multiple companies at the same time. As I’ve observed, backing up the data manually is a better task as compared to creating an automated backup.


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