Still, scratching the head on listening to why your e-commerce store needs an app? If yes, this write is already over for you. But we aren’t rude though and will surely help you shed off the dirt. Today, it is the reign of technology in a new decade. In the last decade, there were several prophecies made that will be witnessed in the new decade. But one thing remains constant- the essentiality of having an app for an e-commerce store. The e-commerce industry is a cold-blooded business. If you’re facing hardships, your rivals are glad. Hence, instead of making a corporate faux pas, it is better to walk with the trend. Today, most newborn e-commerce businesses have a mobile application. This is not because of the ever-evolving competition, but they know that their target demography is mobile-oriented. As per the Statista, Indian e-commerce is on the upsurge since Covid-19 pandemic. Keeping aside the e-commerce giants, the industry witnessed an upscale by 35% within months! Undoubtedly, these results foretell the bright future of e-commerce in India. Since millennials are the soft-target due to being a ‘mobile-centered’ creature, it becomes essential to craft a mobile application for succeeding in the business.

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