Device Mockups- The Golden Brick for Flawless Web & Mobile Apps

The sphere of web development & technology never rests. It continues to advance on the loop. Since the last decade, there’ve been countless changes in the industry that have brought a tremendous boost in the mobile application development realm. Besides this growth, the percentage of mobile phone users has also seen an upsurge by a […]

What’s Inside a Grocery Delivery Application?

Since the last recent years, there’s been a digital revolution and we’ve witnessed an upsurge in different kinds of applications. The App Store for iOS and Play Store for Android platforms are flooded with different kinds of applications for us. The prime benefit of these applications is that our lives have become simpler and more […]

7 Blunders that Mobile App Designers Should Never Make!

In 2021, nearly 95 billion applications were downloaded from the Google Play Store and iOS App Store alone. It means a hell lot of applications, roughly 19 applications per head, and these statistics do not include any third-party applications! With so many downloads of umpteen applications across the planet, the average churn rate scales between […]

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